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I'm Roseanne. I'm based in Singapore, but since I'm currently attending Uni in Melbourne, I guess Australia is part of the picture too. I believe that beauty is a one size fits all. Ditch the size zero fashion spreads and welcome to roseannebeauty. A friendly, warm and informative platform for all things beauty.

I love helping people and I love beauty products so I decided to put the two together on this blog. Join me and I'll show you that side of beauty that you never knew existed. If you need help, just comment or PM me and I'll only be an email away!

Find out what's hot and what's not in today's beauty scene :) For beauty inquiries, click the Contact button on the above navigation bar.

Make me your morning coffee. Makeup on or Makeup off.

xx Roseanne


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1. Register trademark

2. Another longchamp bag

3.To finish up Uni

4. I can't think of any other makeup items currently. Wow.


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Very, Very Important: I'm moving - HELLO www.roseannetangrs.com & GOODBYE Onsugar!

By roseannetangrs · October 29, 2011

Hey Everyone!

You are cordially invited to the LAUNCH of...


I have to say first that onsugar has given me such a beautiful experience with blogging and I guess the main asset will be that I made such beautiful and wonderful friends with the onsugarette beauty blogging community (you know who you are! ;)). But, it's time I made my exit to my brand new website www.roseannetangrs.com !! I am so excited because it's been in the making since June and finally, after many late nights with Christine, a wonderful web designer who helped me out with this whole process, it is finally done!!!!

To launch this baby, I have made a series of graphics that will make it clear to you what new features will be on the website, and to make it even more exciting, I'm holding an awesome giveaway! I'm giving away an URBAN DECAY NAKED PALETTE to one lucky winner. All you have to do is subscribe to the new blog at www.roseannetangrs.com - just enter your email under subscribe and click subscribe!! If you need more information, feel free to view the following eye-candy.

so there we have it! I will not be blogging on Onsugar anymore. It feels kind of sad to leave but when one door closes, another one opens and it's time to move to greener pastures. Don't worry, my style and honesty remains the same but we're just moving to a new home!

So to keep updated, please subscribe and visit:


See you there!


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posted by

Congratulations Roseanne! Your new blog look AMAZING! Ah! It's so nice and pretty! :D

posted by

wow! your new blog looks awesome (:

posted by

Thank you!!!

posted by blushfully

totally loving the forum feature and the easy navigations =) ps, i tried to register for the forum but it says that it's "user registration is currently not allowed" ?

posted by

I've fixed it now :) you can post without registering :)

posted by brdijoo

I am new here but i think he is right.

posted by abnotbamp

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