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SPONSORED HAUL: Dermalogica Clean Start Skincare Line & First Impressions!

By roseannetangrs · October 22, 2010

Hey Everyone!

Very recently, Dermalogica Australia sent me an email regarding a new skincare line called Clean Start. I was familiar with the line already from allthatglitters21's video of her updated skincare routine in which she featured these products that were also given to her.

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When I saw the email, I was like Oh em gee, It's Dermalogica! I very happily took on the challenge to review this entire skincare line. Here's the haul post. If you're unfamiliar with how things get done here, I make two posts. The haul posts tells you everything about the line and the products that were given to me. Wait about a month and out comes the review post like a bun in the oven. Let's get started.


Dermalogica created a new skincare line created for teens by teens meaning that the development process, marketing and experimenting of the products were tried and tested through teenagers, making a very customised skin-care line. It's fresh, innovative and savvy. The new line understands acne and acne problems in teens and attatcks the problem through its sleek, colorful, clear packaging and easy to use products. Most of the products smell very fresh and fruity which is also an attractive asset. It's a new skincare line formulated for teens by teens, yelling loud and proud a skincare "created by us, for us" feel.

"Your skin deserves the good stuff, which is why we don't put artificial fragrances, dyes or mineral oils in our products - nor do we test on animals. Get your healthiest skin ever at cleanstart.dermalogica.com"

So, what will I have to try out for the next month?

1. Clean Start - Wash Off

It's basically a gel cleanser that you put in your hand with a little water and foam up before applying it to your skin. To prevent acne breakouts, wash off has Salicylic acid to clear trapped oils and wipe out breakout- causing bacteria, botanical extracts to regulate oil production and orange peel oil to energize and re-fresh. Smells like yummy fruity oranges.

First Impression: The gel foams up into a thick foamy paste which is smooth on the skin. It's a little resistant in rinsing off but after, my skin for sure felt hydrated and toned down. Hard to describe, but pores looked smaller and my skin looked a little brighter. I know, from a first try, that's a really good result right there but we will see how it holds up in the next month.

Suggested Retail Price: $39 for 180 mL

2. Clean Start - All Over Clear

A spiffy toner in a spray bottle, very smart. I've always thought of wanting to put my toner in a spray bottle, reckon it would be easier to apply. I never liked toner though, always thought the stuff broke me out. It's a very refreshing mist that you spray over after you have cleansed the skin.  It has Sesame Seed extract which controls oil and shine, Licorice, Burdock and Argan extrats to hydrate and shield skin and Lemongrass which revives the skin while toning.

First Impression: What a refreshing mist! It took a while to sink in the skin but I quickened the process by lightly patting my skin. Not much but hydration.

Suggested Retail Price: $36 for 120 mL

3. Clean Start - Ready, Set, Scrub

It's a dual fighting duo - a scrub and mask together. All you have to do is take the mask and spread it evenly over the face and it's supposed to deliver smoother, clearer and fresher skin. It's also has purifying flays like Bentonite and Kaolin that pulls excess oils away. After waiting five to seven minutes with the mask on, use warm water and in circular motions gently scrub away. The scrub particles are made of Silica which polishes the skin to a smooth and brighter finish. Rinse with water. Cooling menthol also eases redness. Smells like fruit loops. :)

First Impression: You only need a pretty sheer layer for things to get going. The particles are very fine but they do a nice job in the exfoliation department. Takes quite a while to rinse off because they were generous in the silica particles. A cool minty feeling accompanies the rise off and in between the 5-7 minutes when you are waiting for the mask to set.

Suggested Retail Price: $39.00 for 75 mL

4. Clean Start - Bedtime for Breakouts:

It's a clear overnight acne treatment that is supposed to purify, exfoliate and clear to ensure that you wake up in the mornin' with less congestion, fewer breakouts and reduced redness. Apply over breakout areas or potential breakout areas to say good riddance to zits overnight! Active ingredients include salicylic acid, cooling cucumber and licorice that helps subside redness and plant extracts to keep the oiliness at bay.

First Impression: The gel was kind of watery and it's clear so I really don't know if it will work. It stings a little which is a good sign, can't say more than that right now.

Suggested Retail Price: $40.00 for 60 mL

5. Clean Start - Brighten Up SPF 15

This is like the BB Cream or tinted moisturiser of the range. It hydrates and brigthens with a SPF 15 formula that gives a natrual tint for fresh looking skin and an all day glow. Active ingredients include birch leaf which refines and purifies pores, willow bark to clear congestion and is a formula that not only contains sunscreen but is skin-smoothing, non-greasy and streak-free as well.

First Impression: Light coverage, smooth formula and easy to blend. We'll see how it holds up though.

Suggested Retail Price: $45 for 60 mL

6. Clean Start - Welcome Matte SPF 15

It's a day moisturiser with added benefits of SPF 15. It has oil-controllers to minimize shine while keeping the skin hydrated, salicylic acid that exfoliates and cleans out pores while the sunscreen helps to protect the skin from the sun's harmful rays.

First Impression: Very light, and not that matte. But we'll have to see. Don't think the SPF is enough for the Australian or Singaporean sun!

Suggested Retail Price: $45 for 60 mL


Here's a swatch comparing the two formulas:

7. Clean Start - Smart Mouth Lip Shine

Elle from allthatglitters21 said it smells like an "orange creamsicle" and boy oh boy it does. It's a super smoothing, shine-inducing lip shield that moisturizes and conditions to deliver soft lips. Active ingredients include: vitamin E, cocoa seed butter and shea butter.

First Impression: The smell is quite heavy, orange + vanilla ice-cream that may not be appealing to everybody. It's very smoothing though and I like it so far.

Suggested Retail Price: $30 for 10 mL

Cool Nozzle thingy:

And there we have it! *Crosses fingers* wish me luck!

xx Roseanne

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posted by

I always see this range of products when I walk by Leonard Drake outlets(which carry dermalogica products).. Quite curious about it... I going to wait for your full reviews ^__^

posted by Cendana

You got the whole set! =) I've always noticed Dermalogica and been wanting to try the range, but I spotted Tea Tree in the ingredients list and I got scared >

posted by

Can't wait for your reviews, Roseannelove! :)

posted by Cendana

Oops, my previous comment somehow got cut off! I was saying... that maybe I should check out the other range from the brand... and I can't wait to hear your reviews on these! =)

posted by

Is this in Singapore, yet?

posted by

wow ure lucky these were sent to you, they are pretty pricey. I like the packaging, ;)

posted by

@sophieanna not yet :) will be in sg on Nov. 18 :)

@Sydney Rose: yea they did an awesome job with the marketing, liking the line so far though!

posted by

and thanks Dana, Chantana and Maya! will be doing a review in bout a months time! :)

posted by

Woo! New range?! Its so bright and attracts people, but sadly only for teens? =( I kinda like dermalogica stuffs too as i often go to facial where they only use this brand.

posted by

well im sure other people can use it too :) besides teens :) it's going well so far!

posted by

Eating then a balanced diet of colourful fruits and vegetables, other whole foods and nutrients would be necessary for skin care and could lead ultimately to a young radiant skin. Highly processed foods and refined sugars promote changes that can lead to blemishes.

genital warts

posted by

Great tip Alicia! Thanks for sharing!

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